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Ryan Hartman Jan 01 Kunversion.Info / How Do I?

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Geoff September 26, 2012 Agent Dashboard Training / Overview

A lot of Agents have developed habits or methods over a long period of time, or have been using another system for a long time. It will be hard to break some habits or to strain away from doing what you're used to doing. The wonderful thing about being human is our ability to adapt. We've done the math for inventing new features that work over large numbers of leads, and if you own these features yourself, you can be part of the success story. So, if you find things to be odd, outside the norm, or not familiar to you at all, just remember that they've all been designed specifically to work, and you have many areas where you can insert your own content that has worked for you in the past. Even if you don't have your own, you still have access to our default methods that will get you started on the right track.

Let's get right to the main point we want to drive with Kunversion. Every feature you will come across has a purpose that's been designed to help you convert clicks to leads, and leads to sales. In order for you to accomplish this, you need to use all the features in the system available to you. Integrating this system into your methodology for real estate will turn you into the most connected, advanced, responsive and intelligent agent in your area. (Well, at least as much as your fellow agents who use the same system.)

So, what must I do exactly? What do I need?

First, know how powerful Google can be when you take advantage of the mechanisms it has invented. Kunversion uses these mechanisms (such as Gmail, Calendars, etc) to make your life easier. It will become easier because of the way everything is kept in sync. No matter where you are, or how you update your information, it's always accessible to you. From your computer, or your phone. Leads, reminders, documents, everything.

There are some agencies who use Kunversion to its fullest capacity. And, if you saw their stats, you would be blown away.


These are stats from a real agency from 9/26/2012. So, still a few days left in the month! Either way, impressive.

Showing requests are leads that have actually reached out to agents directly, as well as information requests. 34 proactive leads that month for the whole agency. There are 10 agents in that office, which gives you about 3-4 leads per month, per agent that are getting direct responses. This is not counting the leads that they've called or otherwise have in the pipeline! With this kind of effort being put into the system, you're pretty much working from home, or from your car with access to the right technology. These agents are making money.

In order for Kunversion to function as it's intended to, you should have:

-Google or Google Apps account
-Chrome or Firefox web browser
-Android or iPhone (Blackberries don't work too well.)

If you're using an Exchange/Outlook/Blackberry setup, you'll want to consider moving to the more flexible, mobile-friendly, and free Google platform.

Ok. We're using Outlook. And Blackberries. We've always done things a certain way. What exactly am I getting into here?

Well, Kunversion is more than a website and a CRM. It's a new way of doing things, by having a single platform serving as everything your agency needs. It does the following:

- Phone System: Records who calls your agency, and correctly distributes calls from leads to their appropriate agents. Where no agent is matched, it calls your receptionist. This number also serves as the medium for capturing text leads via sign riders, as well as distributing new leads with phone numbers to agents.

- Mobile Platform: Provides a mobile outlet for both your clients and your agents to keep up in the modern mobile era.

- Website and CRM: Captures and allows you to manage leads to convert into sales. (Admittedly, this is a huge topic, worthy of its own novella.)

- Email & communications portal: Everything is facilitated via Google, and piggy-backs on the ease of their mobile integrations. This means that you have pushmail to your computers and mobile devices (formerly the domain of Blackberries). It also facilitates the storage of documents, and calendars that are easily synced with any device.

- Documents storage and e-signatures: By combining Google Drive and HelloSign, you can store and manage legal documents online, and convert to a paper-less office. This includes having your documents signed electronically!

- Lead generation platform: Kunversion facilitates the features that allow you to attract all kinds of leads from many different sources (in addition to paid advertising).  They include:

                - QR Codes          
                - Sign Riders (text leads)
                - Craigslist
                - Chat Capture
                - Facebook
                - Sending your leads from any source straight into your Kunversion database, such as leads from Trulia or Zillow.
                - Display/window advertising
                - Open House app (iPad/Tablet capture)

As you might guess, it is a very straight-forward approach if you're using one domain, and one phone number for everything you need. Your emails, your lead capture, your communications. Why spend extra money on multiple systems that perform the same functions when all the features you need are in one place, more importantly for one system fee?

Your clients see one aspect of your Agency, via your website. You have a full website for regular computers, and a mobile website for mobile devices. Both are accessed with the same URL on any platform. So, if you like the way the Kunversion site looks, how easy it is to use, and how it's laid out, then you don't really have a good reason for having more than one website. This is important when it comes to building a brand from which to work from. Your blogs are also on your site! Everything is in one place.

We'd like to illustrate another reality. Imagine for instance, you have a computer, that resembles a laptop. It has no operating system (No Windows to boot up.) When it's on, it's on. It has various shortcuts within a window that allow you to access anything you could need for work. Documents, websites, CRM, etc. It's almost like having a normal laptop, except it doesn't have anything to bog it down.

How often do you use a laptop for anything other than browsing the web for whatever reason, or reading documents, or communicating? Ideally, you would have a super-lightweight easy to use device that accesses information stored online, so in case you drop it into the pool, you don't lose anything. That's a good point too. Say you're in the middle of editing a document, it would be nice not to have to hit the save button every two seconds to make sure that if it did get knocked into the pool, you wouldn't be pulling your hair out.

 Well, this reality does in fact, exist. It's just one of the things we tie into with Google Drive. If you use it, it auto-saves whatever it is you're doing every two seconds. Bring on the power outages, right? This lightweight device also exists. It's called an iPad or an Android tablet. If you need a keyboard, get a Chromebook! No windows, no Outlook, just fast and efficient, instantly updateable and always backed up. We've thought this one through, thoroughly.

But, I have this list, and it has all my old clients. I want to be able to spam them.

No, you don't. Really, if you have past clients, get them into Kunversion with their address and the system will keep in touch with them on a monthly basis. Other than that, focus converting the active leads you have, and generating more leads to work with. The era of the "mailing list" is long past. Instant gratification has gripped our modern society. You'll notice how Kunversion facilitates immediate response, immediate attention. We call you when you get a new lead, and we respond to leads who demonstrate interest in certain listings right away. None of this is accomplished with an old list of cold, dead leads.

Kunversion was designed on focusing your energy, where the math has demonstrated to provide the best return for the least amount of effort. Shift the techniques of and migrate your Office to a modern environment, and take advantage of the advancements in the internet for the future.

You should be pretty excited to get started now, so go forth into the rest of our Navigation forum to start getting the basics of how Kunversion works, and then onto the rest of the topics as you want to. After Navigation, I would recommend diving into the Google Integration forum, and becoming familiar with the different ways Kunversion connects with Google, so you'll be familiar with where and how to deal with emails, texts, your calendar, and documents.

Useful Tip:

When navigating the training encyclopedia, keep an eye out above for useful navigation links in case you get lost!

Also, many links are set to open in a new tab, so you don't stray too far from where you were reading. Keep an eye out for those as well!


It seems like a long hill to climb before even diving into the system, but the reality is that Kunversion itself is very simple.

Geoff March 06, 2012 Tips & Tricks

A lot of you add leads by hand. Really time consuming.

We don't actually have a DeLorean to help solve this problem of lost time. Our solution isn't quite as stylish, but it works a little bit better I think.

If you get leads from Zillow, Trulia, or perhaps Realtor.com, we have a fix for you. Each of you gets assigned their own email address that you can forward leads to.

This special email address that you would forward your new lead emails to can be found in two places:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of your Agent Dashboard, and you will see it in the footer of the site, under your subdomain. It will look like
"import-agent-000@kunversion.com" or something like that, where 000 is your unique ID.

2. This is also listed on the embed page, which can be found here, under the Forward Lead Notifications to: section.


Once you have your unique import address, you can import leads in one of two ways:

1. Forwarding

If you get an email that contains the following information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Name: *
Email: *

* =  required for import to work

Then you can simply forward that email to your import address, and the lead will be added.  A copy of the email will be saved in Gmail, and any information we see will be saved in the leads' notes.

2. Auto-Importing from another lead provider

If you subscribe to Realtor.com, or Trulia, or Zillow, etc. then you can set your "Send Leads To" email address to your import address. Then, when one of them sends you a new lead, it gets added automatically to your Kunverison database. If you set this up with a Broker import address, then those leads are sent round robin to your agents!

In both cases, if there is a phone number for the lead, Kunversion will call you, and connect you with the new lead right away.

Most leads that come in from places like Trulia or Zillow are looking for information on a single property, so the sooner you get to them, the more likely you are to secure them as a lead before they land with another agent with a similar property! 

The phone call will even give you the important details. It will go something like this:

"This is a call from Kunversion. You have a new lead (Bob) from (Zillow) who is looking at 123 Main St. Press 1 to connect."


3. Setting leads to be auto-imported from Zillow, Trulia, or Realtor.com

Zillow Instructions

1) Look for your Agent-Import address at the bottom of your agent dashboard.
2) Go to www.zillow.com
3) Click "Sign In" on the upper right corner of the page
4) Sign in to your account
5) Click "Agent Hub" on the upper right corner of the page
6) From the dropdown menu select "Account Settings" 
7) Make note of the email address that is currently in the "Email" field
8) Click the "Edit e-mail" link to the right of the "Email" field
9) Enter your agent-import email address in the "New" and "Confirm" email address fields and press submit
10) Under the "Secondary Email Address" section click the "Add a secondary e-mail address" link
11) Add your previous contact email address you made note of in step 7 as your secondary email address and press submit. 

Trulia Instructions

1) Look for your Agent-Import address at the bottom of your agent dashboard.
2) Go to www.trulia.com
3) Sign in to your account
4) Click your name on the upper right section of the page and select "Profile" from the dropdown
5) Click the orange "Edit Profile" button
6) Open the email address section, insert your import-agent email address from Step 1 and click "Add new email address"
7) You will now receive a confirmation email in your Gmail account tied to Kunversion.
8) Click the confirmation link in the email you receive
10) Go back to the email section of your Trulia profile and select your agent-import email address and click "Make Primary"

Realtor.com Instructions

1) Look for your Agent-Import address at the bottom of your agent dashboard.
2) Go to www.realtor.com
3) Click "For REALTORS" on the upper right corner of the page the select "Agent Login" from the dropdown
4) Sign in to your account
5) Click your name on the upper right corner of the page
6) From the dropdown menu select "Personal Information" 
7) Scroll down to the "Email" section and click the "edit email" link
8) Change all instances of your current email address to your agent-import email address and click save. 

We hope this helps many of you, don't forget to let us know how much you love it!

Geoff October 03, 2011 Tips & Tricks

We've added one of the coolest features yet to our most excellent Kunversion system.


Essentially, this will allow you to do a virtual tour -- live -- with your smartphone, and stream the video to one of your clients. So you can basically put them on speaker, and carry them around the house! How excellent is that?

You need an iPhone or an Android

Step 1: http://bambuser.com/

Step 2: Create a new account. (http://bambuser.com/signup)

Step 3: download the bambuser app on your iPhone or Android (search for bambuser)

Step 4: take the username you created with Bambuser, and enter it into your Kunversion settings page.


Step 5: On the app you installed on your phone, go to settings, and scroll down until you can enter your username and password that you created when you created your bambuser account.

Now, at this point, everything should be connected.

What you want to do, is direct your lead to your agent page. This can be found, by the following steps:

-Go to your agencies website

-Click on Agents at the top

-Click on your name

Email that URL to them. For example, mine is http://orange.ecomls.com/agents/Geoff+Wulfen


Now, when you access the bambuser app on your phone, and hit the record button, you will start streaming video to your page. You might use a headset to talk on the phone, and then use the phone like a video camera to walk 'round the house.

Pretty cool eh?

Always remember if you need help, to call or send an email to us at support!

Melanie August 30, 2011 Tips & Tricks

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